My Take on Storyline 3 vs 360

Jun 16, 2017

Here's the thing I found out, and correct me if I am wrong.

With 360 you get everything: storyline, quizmaker, engage, content library, blah blah $1000 per year

If you do Storyline 3, you ONLY get Storyline, nothing else $700 one off (for an upgrade, $1400, new)

If all you need is that, then great


if you need quizmaker, or engage, blah blah, you will ALSO have to buy the ENTIRE Studio '13, which includes quizmaker, engage, presenter and replay - for $1400 one off (new)

So if you NEED say Storyline and quizmaker you will have to pay for Storyline AND Studio, one off $2100

It would take over 2 years to recoup your costs. And let's face it, Articulate is NOT going to upgrade Studio 2013 and probably not going to create a Storyline 4, especially if the 360 train takes off

Now, if you ONLY need Storyline and have Storyline 2, then life is good, $700 one off

Anyone else see it like this?

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Jeff Miller

Why would you need Quizmaker, Engage, Presenter, and Replay if you have Storyline. The big difference between the Studio Suite and Storyline, is that each of the products within the Studio Suite has it's own function, while Storyline is an all-in-one product. This is due to the base funtion of the product. Studio is built with the premise that a SME will develop the lesson at his/her desk in PowerPoint, then the developer will bring the SME's vision to life with the Studio Suite. Storyline allows one person to build the entire lesson and bypass, if desired, PowerPoint development.

To your other point, and this is only my opinion, I do see Articulate building a SL4 in a couple years, because there are a significant number of organizations that have security requirements that do not allow the usage of cloud-based systems and the associated off-site storage. Since SL3 (then SL4) is an Enterprise system, Articulate's customers would still be able to utilize SL.

Brian Cook

Jeff, I hope you are right because my company just went with 3 over 360. I am sure Articulate is moving toward subscription based programs, because everyone else is, but like you said, there will still be a market for the license-based client. I hope there is a 4.

From studio, I was only really interested in quizmaker because I think the only way Storyline can track learning itself is by how many slides are viewed. However, many LMSs can do the same thing, so I guess it is not as necessary as I once thought.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Brian!  I just wanted to pop in and add a detail.  

If you are publishing for LMS, Storyline gives you the option to track either by slides viewed or by a results slide (from quiz slides or multiple other results slides).  

But as you were discussing, Studio makes it super fast to add interactivity and assessments to presentations you've already started in PowerPoint.

Thanks for working with Storyline 3!  I'm glad you found something that fits your needs.  ☺️

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