My Triggers....Aren't Triggering....

Hi there

I have a simple interaction I created from a template. The arrows are suppose to move to the next layer when clicked by user but they are stuck on this one page. Any ideas for a newbie on how to fix this would be awesome. I have attached the file and a screenshot.

Thanks A Million

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robin,

I didn't see anything "off" in your file, so I looked at setting this up in a new file, and had to include an additional trigger to "hide layer this layer when the user clicks the arrow" but I also tried that same set up on your file and it wouldn't work. Similarly your "previous" arrow didnt' work on the first layer either. Have you looked instead at using individual slides? 

Richard Karel

Hi Robin, To answer your original question, just uncheck all of the layer properties you currently have checked for each slide layer. I tested and it works fine now (in SL 1).  However, I'd suggest moving your main nav arrows to a separate space from your slide content, then creating a main page for your personnel info links. So, just use the "info interaction" slide as your reference point page, and convert the individual photos into links to the corresponding layers.  That way, you can give your end users a reference point from which to view each of the personnel links (and show them which ones have been visited).