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Lindsay Abbott - Voice Over

Hello there, this thread goes back a couple of months, but as a voice over myself, I calculate my voice over narration rates by the word count when I'm working with my E-learning clients. That tells me roughly how long the audio is likely to be. Generally, the higher the volume the cheaper per word it gets, to a certain level.

Then I provide a list of options for my clients on things like lead/turnaround time, the level of editing required, whether multiple separate files are required for example, so we can negotiate these things based on client requirements and budget. I find this provides transparency and flexibility for clients. So, for example, I can often provide a further discount for a longer lead time, whereas if there are lots of separate files such as per line/paragraph then I would need to add on some additional time to do that. But if a client is on a budget and has the facility to split files themselves, then that's an option.

I hope that helps!