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Hi.  I have built a course where I ineed to track completion via learners having reached a certain point in the course, so I have build "background quizzes" so that I can properly track their progress.  I am having an issue with the navigation.  I created a "pick one" quiz so that when users click on "next" they are actually completing a quiz question and the user is returned to the main menu.  The trouble I am having is that when clicking on the "next" button, the user is being sent to a different slide, and not back to the main menu even though my trigger is set to the main menu.  Any ideas on why this is and how I can resolve it?

I have attached a screenshot of what is happening.

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Daniel Sweigert

Rita, I notice you have the "player defaults" selected on the "player features" drop down. I would change it to that of the slide you're on, and just make sure the built in "next" button is not checked. Then I would recommend creating your own next button instead of using the one on the player and just adding a trigger to that to go to the slide you want.