Need an answer slide after student has incorrectly answered the Matching questions after 3 trys. Storyline 2

Jun 09, 2015

  1. After a student has not selected the correct answer after the number of Attempts has been reached the slide continues to the next slide instead of offering up the correct answer so the student does not know why they got it wrong.  I have over 100 questions and I would like a simple way to create this without creating additional slides myself.
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Lori Sullivan

Hi Steve,

I do a little editing on the layer containing the "final" attempt response.  I change the wording to something like "You did not select the correct response. Click the button below to view the correct answer.  I change the trigger on the button to display a Wrong Answer Feedback layer instead of the next slide.

On the Wrong Answer Feedback layer, I place an image of the correct response (obtained by capturing a screen shot in preview with the question answered correctly). I then add a button to continue to the next slide.

I use this approach for sequencing questions as well.

Hope that helps.

Curtis Kynerd

Ashley,  I don't know if this forum is still active.  I am trying to change the text of the Incorrect layer to give different feedback if the learner misses the question a second time.  What is the best way to do this?  Can I create a text box on that layer, make it hidden, and then change the state of the text box to Normal on the second attempt?  I tried this with a variable on the base layer that counted the number of times the learner clicked the submit button, but it is not showing the text box.  Any suggestions?

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