Need another set of eyes to look this over.

I'm having issues getting this to work. What I'm trying to do is once each yellow rectangle goes to the hidden state the rectangle variable adds "1" and once all 3 are hidden the variable should equal 3 and the Next button, which is first hidden, should change to the Normal state on the main slide.

What is happening is the first two rectangle that become hidden adds "2" each time to the variable and on the first rectangle it will add "1" to the variable.

I'm not sure what is going on. Please help.

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Elizabeth Dennis

Hi Adam, 

Change your action that increases the variable to when the slide layer starts rather than when the state of the button changes. 

Also, from time to time I have issues with the "hidden" button state. I always create a custom state that hides the button or object and I never have a problem. 

Walt Hamilton


Part of your problem is using the condition "If state is Normal". Several of the built-in states report that they are normal. Usually using "if state is not = Visited or Selected" will work.

If you use a visited state instead of Selected, you don't need to create your own triggers.

I suggest adding to the variable when the oval is clicked, but I added if the state of the oval is not visited. That keeps the count accurate if the user visits a layer twice.

When the layer is closed, I put a trigger to make the next button visible.

I changed the modified layer, but only the ovals. You need to add the trigger to change the state of the oval to visited when the rectangle is clicked, and also the trigger to add to the variable if you want the user to be able to click either (and you should allow them to click both.)