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Apr 28, 2022

Hello, I'm Dean and I'm still new to Storyline. I have used an interactive Q&A template created by Sara Hodge and found it really nice and super helpful in building some of our interactive Q&As. However,  I would like to customize the Javascript to also include a border or a logo and perhaps also change the text direction to RTL if converted into Arabic. Are these possible? Attached is a story file for review :)

Any help and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!



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Hi again Russell,

I have a question. I made a quiz from a template but I want to move the player button as part of the slide and keep its function/trigger? How can I do that? See attached screenshot and storyline file.


Thanks so much

Russell Killips

Hi Dean,

You can create your own button on the slide.

Then copy the triggers of the player button to your created button.

Then delete the player button triggers.

Then in the slide properties, you can hide the player button.

I have attached a short video showing you how to do this. I have also attached a story file for you to take a look at.


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Hello Russell,

How have you been?  Hope everyone is doing well.

I would like to ask for your help regarding the attached Storyline file. It's a 5-question personality test where there's a result at the end that shows what type of theory you are using only if there's an odd score. Now, I'm wondering how to add slide triggers for results with equal score i.e

1. 2A's and 2B's

2. 2B's and 2C's

3. 2A's and 2C's

Currently, it displays a blank result if we get any of the scenarios above.

I'm really interested to learn how. 

Thanks a lot! 



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Hello Russell!

How are you? Hope you had a nice weekend.


Just wondering, is there a way to increase the load speed of a storyline file uploaded on an LMS? I have an interactive hotspot SL file and uploaded it onto our Canvas LMS, but it usually takes around 8-10 seconds before it appears (see attached recording). The image used is also web optimised.

I have also attached here the SL file. Let me know if I missed something.


Thanks so much in advance.