Need help reading javascript cookie

I am using Animate CC as a web object in storyline 360. The Animate CC page sets two cookies. I can get storyline 360 to read my first cookie, which is a number. But I can't get storyline 360 to correctly pull up my second cookie, which is a string... instead it reads, "undefined". Here is the code and a screenshot of the first alert. The second alert when set to [3] comes up undefined:



function checklogin(){

var numCookie = document.cookie.split('=');

alert(numCookie[1]); // don't know how to get [3]; "undefined"

if(numCookie == null || numCookie == 0){
checklogin(); //to recall the script after it is done
var player = GetPlayer();
player.SetVar("cookieValueNum", numCookie[1]);

}, 5000);


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