Need help with A Drag and Drop in a slider

Jan 20, 2023

I am working on a Drag and drop in a slider. I have three versions of a drag-and-drop in a slider on the story attached to this post. The first slide in the story is a version that I found worked well from another forum post. I tweaked it a little to see if I could make it work the way I wanted to. I was successful. The second slide was a drag-and-drop that was created for a quiz. It looks like it should work, but when I use the slider, the drag items will not drop on a target. I was wondering if someone could look at it and let me know what might be wrong with it or tell me what I am trying to do is not possible. The third slide was just another shot at seeing if I could recreate the first slide. Was working well until I tried to move items that were dropped in a target. The drag item shifts when I pick it up from a target.  Looking for feedback on creating a drag and drop in a slider.


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Joe, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

I took a look at your slide and observed that there were no interactive objects in Slide 2. 

I can see that there are items labeled 'DRAGHOTX' in the slide that represent the objects that need to be dropped in the target, but previewing the slide shows that these objects are not visible when the slide loads. 

Do the DRAGHOTX items belong inside the scrolling panel of your slide? Or do they have their own section which is the right side of the slide? The reason why I ask is because if I move around these objects, the start to become visible on the slide as shown in the screenshot below: 

Could you tell us more about what's specifically not working on the slide so we can take a closer look?

Joe Schelb

Good afternoon, Joe,

I have cleaned up my previous story. I have made changes to the names of the Drag items and targets. I have also changed to text on drag objects to show which target they go to. I have added the Target numbers to the box to see which target it is.  I want to drag the items on the right to targets in the scrolling panel on the left. We are wanting to be able to make a tall Process map and drag items to their proper location.



Jose Tansengco

Thanks for the updated file. I took a look at it and observed that I am now able to drop items to targets in the slide. 

There might be a specific combination of answers that cause the interaction to become unresponsive. Would you mind making a recording for me so we can take a closer look? 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Peek 360 on your computer and click New Recording.

  2. Select the application you want to record, then choose a microphone  (if you have one)  when the recording window appears.

  3. Click the red Record button and reproduce the issue.

  4. When you're finished, click Done on the recording control bar or click the Peek 360 icon in your system tray (by the clock).

  5. You can preview your recording, give it a name, and then click Upload to send it to your Articulate 360 account.

  6. Windows will notify you when it's done uploading, and a link to your screencast will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

  7. Share the link with us.