Need Help with a Year Old Template...please!

Nov 22, 2016

Hi Everyone!

I love this community and all the amazingly helpful templates.  I recently found an older one from a year ago, downloaded it, customized it and for some reason which I cannot figure out, it is not functioning.  I feel like I am missing something super obvious and thought for sure someone here could help!

This is the template I downloaded:

Has anyone used this or have any suggestions on why my customizing (the text only and adding a 'next slide' player trigger) might stop the function of the slider all together?


All guidance is appreciated!

Kind Regards,



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sylvia!  I was able to customize this template with text and a player trigger (I enabled the Next button and kept the pre-built trigger to jump to the next slide when clicked).  So I really didn't change all that much from the template.

Can you elaborate on your setup or share your file here so we can see where the breakdown is?  Maybe with some extra eyes we can figure it out!  :)

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