Need Javascript and Storyline 2 debugger

Jun 18, 2015

Hi all, I have clients who produce certification courses. So all of the slides must be verifiably viewed. I can always do this within storyline 2 except if it is an embedded video. Since the two timelines are different, I must use javascript. 

So I need a debugger. Don't send me to the best practices page on this site. I have tapped it out. I need a real live person who knows both Storyline and Javascript. This is the code I'm using to do the following:

I have an embedded video that needs to play until the end and then the javascript changes the EndofVideo3 to true.
Then I have a trigger in SL2 to jump to the next slide  when the variable changes and if the variable is true.
I also have an execute Javascript trigger when the timeline starts. var player = GetPlayer();
wistiaEmbeds.onFind(function(video) {
video.bind("end", function() {
var player = GetPlayer();
player.SetVar("EndofVideo3", true);
return this.unbind;

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