Need Markers with numbers higher than 20

May 21, 2012

Is there any way to create a marker with a number higher than 20?

I need 20-27. Love the functionality that goes with 1-20! So easy.

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Debbie Walden

Thanks, Bruce. Hoping someone has a workable response.

I can't break the image and renumber as it represents a botanical trail loop with locations of 1-27.

I tried creating a text box with the number I needed, then using a solid marker but removing the fill on top. It sort of works, but only for the very patient soul. The trigger area to get the pop-up to appear is soooo tiny, my creative workaround is not a good fix.

Try numbers 21-27 at


David Burton


With the example you've provided, markers 21-27 don't seem to do anything. However, your workaround would be the only option. We chose to limit the number of installed numbered markers to just 20.

P.S. I love your workaround for using a blank marker with the fill removed. This way when you hover over the marker, the number can still be seen. For those unaware, when users hover over a marker, this will always bring the marker to the foreground covering any objects that were originally above the marker. This is why Debbie chose to make the marker transparent. Great job!

Debbie Walden

Thanks David and Bruce. Good info.

The numbers 21-27 DO work on my pc...but the trigger area is soooooo tiny, it's liking finding a treasure when I finally hit the golden spot!

Since the location posts on the trail go from 1-27, I really have to create a map with markers that match.

I dabbled with creating hotspots--and may have to opt for that method--but the Markers were so perfect and quick for my needs.

Plan B. 

Thanks again!

Russell Still

Markers are pretty easily duplicated with shapes (circle) and text. Define a Normal state for the marker and change it to your custom-made symbol.

Caveat: I haven't done this exactly, but I have created visited states for markers so that they only pulse or spin until they're clicked. Then my visited marker is shown without the built-in animation. So, I'd think this similar technique to change the Normal state ought to work.

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