Need Powerpoint Hyperlink Suggestions (PPTX to Storyline 2)

Can someone help me please?  I imported a PPTX to Storyline 2.  I had one slide in PP that had 6 hyperlinks to other slides.  When I imported the file from PPT to Storyline, the master and linked slides did come through (not the branching of course I had to edit that from the triggers.)

I now want to disable the next button until users visit each linked slide.  I want the next but to be enabled after all of the links have been visited.   

(the linked slide's prev. and next button have been removed)  I added a button that only allows users to return to the master slide with all of the links. 



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Walt Hamilton


Here is a sample file that requires the user to visit 4 slides before the custom Next button appears. You could easily change the state of the built-in Next to hidden when the timeline starts, and use the trigger that turns the Exit button visible to make the Next button visible.

Latoya Bailey

Ok.  I tried this but it just wouldn't work for me.  I cannot understand why.  For now I have placed verbiage on the slide which tells the user that they cannot advance until they have clicked each button. 

I timed how long it takes to visit each slide and return to the "main slide" and disabled the next button until that time has passed. 

I know that way doesn't force them to view it but its just a work around because I have to get this course and others out by the end of the day.  Sigh. 


Walt Hamilton

I created a T/F variable to indicate viewing of each slide (View1, View2, etc.)

On each of the 6 slides, I put a trigger to set that variable to True when the user clicks on the Return button. (This could also be set to fire When the timeline ends, requiring them to spend a certain time there, but how would they know how long?)

On the Significance slide, I put a trigger to set Next to normal when the timeline starts if all 6 variables are true (they have visited all six slides).