Need source of user variable created during Printing results

Mar 13, 2013


My team and I are working on printing a certificate slide for which we want the learner to enter his/her name.
We need the variable of the box that appears after clicking Print Result, that allows the learner to enter the name. We want the learner's name to appear on this certificate, so as to personalize it.

Could anyone please help us find the variable that eventually displays the box where the learner enters his/her name? This needs to be displayed on the printed result. (Do not misinterpret this to be the Print Result output, we want this to appear on our customized certificate).

Please help soon.

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James Murphy


Thanks for the quick response Leslie.

               I'm quite comfortable with the adding and referencing variables portion of storyline2. What i'm unable to find is the variable that storyline2 references for the name on the Results slide. Specifically when the user enters it in the pop up box on the results slide after hitting print results. I'm trying to have it reference MY names variable from the start of the course instead of the pop up box on the results slide so the user doesn't have to enter their name twice.  

Rocky Carlisle

I use the variable function to perform this task. Students enter their name and license number at the beginning of the course and those values are stored as a variable. At the conclusion of the course, if they pass the final exam with a score of 70% or higher, it will display a certificate of completion with their name, license number, and current date already populated in the certificate. I create text boxes in the certificate and simply call the variable that was previously stored and I call the date from the server (using java code) to remove the ability of any fraud such as back dating the certificate of completion. This is needed since we use this for re-licensing state inspectors in the Smog Check exam.

James Murphy

Thanks for the input Rocky, its greatly appreciated. That's very similar to what I have done. I have a code that works when I use the pop up window described above but when I try to put in the variable that I have the user define at the beginning of the course the certificate no longer populates. My report file is below and the code I am using is at the very end of the file. Any thoughts on the issue would be great. 

Rocky Carlisle

Hi James,

When I tried to retrieve your attachments all it shows is the title. However, the link below is a great resource for creating variables and then retrieving those variables using a reference in a text box. If you like I can send a couple of slides that I created for some training that you can use as a sample. But and video is great.

James Murphy

Thanks so much for your help Rocky. The video is great, however what I was trying to accomplish is a bit more involved and actually pulls variables from window opener variables and other such fun. I've had it resolved and appreciate everyone's help in the matter. For anyone finding this thread in the future and also wanting to do the same I have made edits to the report file found HERE. Find the edits attached.


                          Thanks again guys



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