Need to publish to a file I can email or post online

I have several storyline projects I post to a LMS, but I need to be able to also publish the file into a format i can:

1 - email so an individual can download and view

2 - post to a site that can host the course (other than LMS). One that can display the link, so people can click and watch.

is this possible to do with storyline? I also use Camtasia for screen recording tutorials - which I can send out and host as mp4. This is what I need - although I would like to use the Camtasia slide / menu features.

Help is appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Chris,

I'm not sure if there's a specific format you need to use, but Storyline doesn't publish to a single file for sharing.

However, if you need to email a course you could publish for CD. You could zip and attach this to an email and share it with others. This would allow users to download the file and run locally. Please keep in mind, however, that they will want to download to their local hard drive, extract the files and run the .exe file.

For the web server, this shouldn't be an issue. There's a couple of ways to do this - you can either upload the published Web output through your FTP and then link to the project within another page, or you can use the method below:

How to Embed Articulate Storyline Content into a Web Page

I'm sure others will have some suggestions as well, just wanted to share this information in case it's something that would work for you.

Best of luck and have a great day!


Linda Herring

When you publish to the CD, it also publishes a swf and html file. If I click on those files, my project also runs. I've just done a small test; however, the client will want a standalone file users can run on local computers. 

What am I missing? It seems to launch from any of the 3 files: .exe, swf, html.

Couldn't you just delete the others so there is only one file in the folder to click on to run the program (not deleting the Contents folder, etc.).


Linda Herring

Hello Emily,

Thanks for replying; however, you did not quite answer the question. I am familiar with the information provided in the link. It also doesn't specifically answer my question either.

My client wants learners to down load a file and launch it from individual computers. I will not be burning to a CD. I don't need an auto launch.

I will publish to CD and provide the zip file to the client. They will load it to a server learners will access and download the zip file to their computers. They will be instructed to extract the files.

Now within the extracted folder are the 3 files I referenced above from which I seem to be able to launch the program. My question again is do I need the swf, html, and .exe? All three? I deleted the exe and the file still ran when I clicked html or swf.

What if I keep .exe and delete .swf and/or html. Does that impact anything I'm not aware of?

I'm trying to make it simple for the end user and not have files that don't serve a purpose.

Thanks for your help.

Emily Ruby

Hello Linda,

You will want to have the user launch from the Launch_Story.exe file. You will not want to delete the html file or the .swf to have this file play properly.

However as you mentioned, you can delete the Launch_Story.exe and the html file should still play as expected. It is best to zip the whole folder with all of its contents, and send it to your users this way.