Need to send a score to LMS

Jan 02, 2024

Hi, I have built an assessment in Storyline which is a simulation where learner's need to click the correct options on each screen.

I have 19 slides. Due to the nature of the scoring I have had to set up my own variables. To get the final percentage I have created a number of variables.

Current mechanism set:

  1. If the learner click on the correct hotspot in the question, 100 points will be added to variable 'MRScore'. For some questions, there are 2 steps, then the learner will get 50 points if they click correctly for first step and another 50 points if answer second step correctly.
  2. I didn't set the slides as freeform questions as I have added hints for some questions. The hints are set to be shown after 10 seconds. If the learner is able to click on the correct hotspot within 10s, they will get the full 100 points. They will not get 100 points if the hint is shown.
  3. Maximum score will be 1900 as there are 19 questions.

What I want to achieve:

  1. Sending the Percentage variable to our LMS (the LMS can support SCORM 1.2 and TinCan). I tried to use JavaScript to send the variable which doesn't work.
  2. Passing percentage: 50%

Can anyone please advise me on sending the percentage to the LMS? I'm very new to JavaScript and have read multiple threads trying to figure this out but still no luck. I have attached a screenshot of my triggers and JavaScript. Any help would be much appreciated!


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Eric Santos

Hello Sharon!

Thanks for reaching out; I'm happy to help! There are other viable methods to use instead of JavaScript for this purpose. Since you are using a custom variable, there are two ways to send its value to an LMS: Custom xAPI Statements (for xAPI and cmi5) and Survey Questions (for any LMS Standard). Here are the steps:

You can refer to my previous post on executing the Custom xAPI statements method. If you require any further information, please let me know!