Need to use F12 in Software Simulation...but it opens Dev Tools in Chrome

Apr 25, 2022


I'm building a course in Storyline 360 that contains a simulation of a software process, and it needs the user to press the F12 key a few times during the course of the simulation.  However, in Chrome, pressing the F12 key calls up the Development Tools.

I would like to find a way that the course could disable the Dev Tools function of the F12 key. I don't know if there's a script that could be run when the course opens - or if there is any way at all to do it from the course. I know the user can disable it from their end, but that's not a practical answer. 



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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Robert.

If a key or set of keys has a function already assigned to it, my understanding is that you won't be able to create a trigger using those same keys.

I hope other community members might have a workaround for you. Here's an example of a thread that discusses how to use the F(Function) keys using Javascript:

I hope this helps!

Robert Auchenpaugh

Hi, Maria: 

Thanks so much...!!

I wasn't able to find that thread you referred me to when I was searching earlier - so thank you so much for posting it...! It had exactly what I needed! 

Owen posted a .story file that contains a Javascript...and adding that to my slide does in fact keep Chrome from opening the Development Tools...and allows me to use the F12 key in my software simulation without interference. 

For anyone else reading this thread, the script referred to contains code to disable the browser functions for all F-keys.