Need to use Storyline in LMS- Survey question and answers

Sep 01, 2014


My customer needs important survey questions imported into their LMS (Sharepoint I believe). It is easy to make a survey question in Storyline- but the admins need to see the survey answers- not just a % passed score.

I am importing them into their LMS with Scorm 2004 4th edition.

There are 2 result slides. I think I will need to consolidate to one final comprehensive result slide. But, I need survey

answers and not a % passed score.

I don't have access to their secure LMS.

Thanks for any advise!!!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Kim, and welcome to Heroes.

When you create a result slide, there is an automatic trigger added to submit the results. However, it is up to the LMS on how they will display any results. You may want to check with them for more information.

If you are using Likert Questions, there is a know issue and it is documented here.

And for more information on how to utilize results slides, please see this tutorial.

If you need anything further, please let us know.

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