New color for built in Radio Button's "Visited" state

Hello all,

I'm using 7 built-in radio buttons as a button set. I added the built-in visited state but it looks the same as normal. I can only change its background color or it glow. I would like the middle of the button to be a different color when visited so I added a semi transparent circle over the grey visited button. but now when you select you just see the "visited" color circle over the "selected" state immediatly. Any ideas?

I would like to just see the visited state only after another button is pressed.


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Phil Mayor

This really goes against GUI design conventions as radio button are selected only when pressed and only one is selected, and shouldn't have a visited state.

A radio button will always be selected when pressed if you add a visited state then it will be additive and visited simply means clicked in storyline, you will have to use a good few triggers to build in the functionality and I think will just appear odd from a users point of view.

Phil Mayor

Probably better to use something other than radio buttons, or place a tick in a state next to the radio button, it just feels wrong to use radio buttons where they need to click each one, radio button should really be used to select options that are mutually exclusive. 

That of course doesn't help your issue.

Michael Hinze

Tim, I agree with Phil's comments about UI conventions and possibly using checkmarks to indicate a visited station. If you still want to have these interlocking station indicators, have a look at the attached and see if that would work for you. Instead of the built-in Visited state, I created a custom state for each button, added some variables and slide triggers that turn these states on. Give it a go.