NEW IN ARTICULATE 360 Teams: Group Admins

Today we released a new feature for Articulate 360 Teams that makes it even easier to manage large training teams. Now you can assign different admins to manage different groups of seats.

Here’s how the group admin role works:

This is just one of the exciting new features we announced last week! Keep your eye out for more new Articulate 360 goodness on the way.

8 Replies

How do I admin the current small team that I manage? For example, if I need to go into a Rise course and export the course currently I have to ask them to transfer ownership to me. As their supervisor, this becomes quite cumbersome transferring ownership back and forth. 

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!


Tash Wagner

It would be amazing to assign a course to a group so that automatically everyone in that group has collaboration and exporting rights to that course. It has been such a hassle transferring courses around before leave at Christmas and then realising some courses are still in the names of people who are away and can't be accessed until they are back.