New Storyline user having trouble getting basic layers to work.

Sorry if you have seen this question many times before, but.....

I did watch the tutorial on layers, but it did not answer my question.

I want to create 3 layers and I want each one to show one after the other. I want this to happen based on time, not by any user action.

I created the base layer and 2 more layers.

  • Should I have the base layer selected and add 2 triggers to control when the other 2¬†layers appear?
  • Or should I add a trigger to each layer to control the next layer? When I did this the product crashed.
  • Should the trigger for each layer say to show the layer when the previous layer ends?

Thanks for answering these basic questions!


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It sounds like you are doing it correctly with the triggers on each layer so not sure why it would crash.  If you wanted to attach your story file someone could have a look at it for you,

if there is not a great deal of addition on each layer you could look at putting your objects on your base layer and adusting their arrival and departure on the timeline.