New to StoryLine - I would like to use an in-house Word document as the basis of a quiz?

Hello, this may be a very straightforward thing but I can't find any way of doing it.  I'm trying to set up a 'quiz' to assess knowledge learning but would like to do it using one of our own documents.  Is it possible to do this?  The nearest I've been able to find is to take a screenshot of the Word document and then hotspot the areas I am trying to assess but I was hoping that there was a better solution as I want to assess quite a few items in Word.  Many thanks if anyone is able to provide a solution.  

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Alyssa Gomez

Welcome to Heroes, Teresa!

Storyline has lots of choices for quiz slides. Between the form-based and freeform options, I'm sure you'll find the format you're looking for!

You can also save time by importing multiple questions at once using the template provided here. 

Do you have a few example questions you can share? With the bit more information, the community can help you get started!

Teresa Vincent

Thanks for such a quick response.  I think I may have found a way to do it although happy to be advised if you think this isn't the best way.  I found a way to record the screen and am now trying to work out how I could assess their attempt at doing the task e.g. adding something to the QAT in Word, using Find/Replace etc.  Do you think screen recording is the way forward? Thanks in advance.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Teresa,

Screen recording may be just what you need! Have you seen the "Test mode" that's a part of the built in screen recording in Storyline?

I am not sure what version of Storyline you're using, but the steps here for Storyline 2 should get you started (and are similar for Storyline 3 and 360).  You can see all of our tutorials by version on this page, I refer to it daily! 😁