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Nov 17, 2014

Just want to know how to use the scrolling panel. How to add text to an scrolling panel

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Brett Rockwood

Hi Rolf,

First create a text box with your text in it and move it out of the way. Then insert a scrolling panel where you want it on the screen; resize it how you'd like. Finally drag your text box over top of the scrolling panel. Here's a tip: make sure your text box is narrower than your scrolling panel when you drag it in. Once it's inside the scrolling panel your can resize it.


Mats Forssén

Thank you Ashley

As Brett Rockwood pointed out, this function is not very intuitive. I could not get it to work for a week, until I suddenly, by pure chance, tried to place the scrolling panel in the back.  

I realise now, afterwards, that my mistake was that I started by creating the text box, then I created the scrolling panel (when I saw that the text would not fit in the slide) so the scrolling panel came over the text box. That made it impossible to get the scrolling panel to work, until I placed it behind the text block.

I made this chat entry to give other beginners a tip on how to fix similar problems.

Maybe it would be a good idea for Articulate to make this function a bit more intuitive or user friendly… 😊

Apart from this I feel that Storyline 360 is a system that is great fun to work with and very fast to create results with, so keep up the good work 😊

Mats Forssén

Yes, I do think that it would be useful to point out that you should make shore that the scrolling panel should be behind the text box (or the objects you want to put in it) for example by sending it to the back of the slide. I guess that it is not uncommon that a user start by creating a text block and then realize that it is to big for the page and then try to create a scanning panel… just as I did.

I'm impressed by how vivid this forum is. My team and I are in the process of choosing system tools for our EdTech start up company and this vivid user and support community will defiantly be factored in, in our decision 😊

Scott Jones

Actually, I was able to make it work by changing the text box states inside
the scrolling panel. The scrollbar only appears on screen when the text box
is in "normal" state, when hidden the scroll bar is hidden also.

Neat trick

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