Next button advances back to base layer

Jun 24, 2015

I have a base layer slide that has a bunch of buttons on it that when clicked take you to a different slide layer which has a video on it. (Button 1 opens Video 1; Button 2 opens Video 2, etc).  I am trying to figure out the navigation.  I cannot get the "Next" button (visible on the Video slide layer) to play the next Button/Video.  Instead, Next is taking them to the next slide (when I want it to take them to the next "button", which is a layer).  

In addition, I'd like the "Prev" button (on the video slide layer) to take them back to the main slide that has all the buttons on it.  Currently my "Prev" button takes them back to the intro slide (one slide prior than what I want).  

Any help would be appreciated :)

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Terry Coe

So what I have done in the slide 1.9 is create a trigger on each layer that hides the layer when the timeline is finished. This brings the user back to the slide with the buttons on it. 

I am still not sure about the other part of your help request. If you could fill me in, I will attempt to fix it tomorrow.

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