Next button and variables on a branching slide

I am working on a slide that has two branches. Those work fine. But when the learner comes back to the branch head for the third time (after viewing the two branches) I want the next button to take the learner to the end of the module. I have disabled the next button when the timeline starts and set it to become normal after two variables become true. The variables are related to the branches - after the learner clicks to view each branch a variable changes to "true." Still can't get the next button to work properly. Either it's disabled or advances without the user visiting the branches. Would love advice on the best set up for this scenario.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

It sounds like things are set up well - but you mentioned it advances without the user visiting the branches and I was curious if that happens when they click on the next button or when they click on the individual buttons for the branches?

I'd also look at adjusting the branch variables at the end of each branch, so that way you confirmed a learner saw the entire branch. 

Lastly, are you using a trigger of "When variable changes"? That trigger is looking for the exact moment the variable changes on that slide, which may not execute if the variable has changed prior to that slide or even prior to that trigger in the order. I'd look instead at using other options such as "When timeline starts and variable is equal to X". 

If you're still running into trouble, we're here to help! Can you share the .story file here with the community? That'll allow us all to take a look and offer other advice!