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Oct 17, 2018

Is anyone else experiencing that the consistency of the next button normal state is just not there?

Often when I use a trigger to change the state of the Next Button to "normal" when all buttons are visited, the next button is disabled (without a trigger to turn it to disable). I also have a variable set (default value is false) to allow the next button to be normal when the slide is revisited. Then I have a trigger to turn the next button to normal when the variable is true. Again without a trigger to disable the next button.

Then I have scenes where I have to turn the next button to disable for the triggers to work.

I have gone through my triggers and variables and slide properties to see if there is something amiss there, but cannot find anything there either.

Any help would improve my psychological well being. This is driving me nuts.


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Mark Colomb

Hi Wendy and Leslie,

Here are two story files. The Fittings, FFWR, and Contamination Prevention file has the files that do not require me to disable the next button, the Routing and Protection file is the one where I had to disable the button.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark!

Thanks for sharing both files. When I opened them side-by-side, I noticed that you are using different navigation settings:

  • Routing and Protection has free navigation, meaning the learner can click the next button freely. 
  • Contamination Prevention has restricted navigation, meaning the next button will be disabled automatically until the timeline ends. 

Check out this 1-minute Peek video which demonstrates how you can change that setting in both of those files. 

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