Next Button Disabled on Revisit

Apr 16, 2021

I have the prev/next buttons set to locked. When I click on previous and it takes me back one slide, the next button looks enabled and then automatically goes to disabled upon revisiting the prior slide.

My revisit condition is set to "Resume Saved State". My next button triggers on the current slide are to disable at start of timeline and change to normal when either a video complete or the timeline ends.

Why won't my next buttons state enabled upon revisit if I have the condition set to "Resume Saved State" upon revisiting?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Sara,

Unfortunately, there's a known bug. When a slide is set to "Resume saved state," it won't replay the timeline animations and such. However, the program will re-execute timeline triggers.

If you want to disable the Next button the first time the user encounters each slide, the simplest way is to set the Menu Options to Restricted navigation.

  • With Restricted navigation, Storyline will automatically disable the Next button the first time the user visits a slide. It will enable Next when the timeline finishes. After that happens, Next will remain enabled for that slide.
  • This works even if you don't show the built-in Menu. (If you do show the Menu, the user can click it to go to a previous slide, but they can't advance by clicking the Menu.)
  • You can override this for interactive slides by adding your own triggers to control the Next button.

If you only want to control the Next button for a given slide, do this:

  • Create a T/F variable, with an initial value of False.
  • Add a trigger that disables Next when the timeline starts, with the condition that the variable is False
  • Add a trigger that enables Next when the timeline ends (or when an interaction is completed). 
  • Add a trigger that adjusts the variable to True when the  timeline ends (or when an interaction is completed). 
Michelle Corby

I too have this issue with this bug and was quite relieved as I was starting to doubt my logic.

I've tried to implement the suggested fix using the variables option, but I can't get it to work.

My next button doesn't change to "normal" and I'm not sure what I'm missing, I've attached screenshots of my triggers.

Can anyone help please?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for chiming in with what you see as well. You mention that your next button doesn't change to normal and I'm not seeing a trigger to do so.

Try adding a trigger that states:

  • Change state of
    Next Button
    to Normal
    When the state of all of
    Commission btn
    Maint btn
    Permit btn
    Restore btn
    is Visited