Next Button Not Working With Restricted Navigation

Oct 15, 2015

Hello, I'm having an issue with something that should be easy to program with Triggers, but is not working as I think it should.

Client wants the Next button to be enabled only when the user has viewed the entire slide. They also want the next button to be always enabled if the user has already completed the course.

I have a variable CourseComplete that becomes True when the last slide is viewed. Issue I am having is that when user completes the course and takes a second time, while the Next button is enabled, if it is clicked it doesn't go to the next slide. It only works once the end of the slide is reached.

My Slide Triggers are:

1) Change state of the next button to Disabled when timeline starts if CourseComplete is equal to False

2) Change state of next button to Normal when timeline ends

Player Trigger:

Jump to next slide when user clicks the Next button.

Slide is set to Advance by User.

Seems logical to me that if CourseComplete is equal to True, then the Next button should be enabled and should go to next slide when clicked on. But this is not the case. It is enabled when course is completed but does nothing when clicked on, until reaches end of slide.

I'm probably overlooking something really simple. What am I doing wrong?







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Bryce Gilbert

Thanks for providing the demo file Michael. Turns out I have my Triggers set up the same as you, in the same order. What I realize now, is that Storyline's menu that is set to Restricted, is over-riding my Triggers.

However, I think just using Storyline's Restricted navigation will work for me based on client's requirements. I rarely develop using the Storyline Menu. I'm so used to using variables and triggers to restrict navigation in my courses that I forget that sometimes Storyline's built in functionality actually does the job just fine!

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