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Walt Hamilton

When I tested it, I made the seekbar visible, to speed things up. When I dragged the seekbar, the slide never showed the layer. That is because the trigger to show the layer only happens at the exact moment the audio ends (at 41 seconds) and the slide's timeline is set to 80+ seconds. My dragging skipped that moment, the layer never showed, and the NEXT button never changed.

When I let it play on its own, when the audio ended, it showed the layer, and when that audio ended, the NEXT button became visible, and jumped to the next slide.

Still, I would probably shorten the timeline of slide 1.2.

Walt Hamilton

I don't think so, but I seldom use restricted navigation, so I'm not really an expert on it. You should only have trouble if the layer shows up at the end of the base timeline. You might try setting the audio on that particular layer to show until the end of the timeline, and set the layer to hide when timeline ends, and see if that helps.