Next Button Remains hidden despite variable changes to true on other layers - Help

Apr 04, 2023

Hi, I am having a real trouble here.

I have a course where I have ONE base layer and 4 other additional layer.

On the base layer there is a text to audio speech. The way how I have set it up is that there is 1 variable that changes to TRUE when the timeline starts on each of those layers. The goal is to change the state of the NEXT button to normal only after all those 4 variables have turned true. I've also made the settings where the timeline on the base layer for the sake of the audio to stop when they click on a layer. The normal button does not show up after the variables have changed. It stays hidden because I want it hidden.



So I noticed that if the user quickly clicks on the four buttons before the time line stops or the audio stops on the base layer then the next button show up. But let's say I let the timeline run out and then I click on the four buttons, even though the variable has changed for each layer, the next button does not show up. I've even tried to change it to NOT use a variable but when the state of those custom buttons are "viewed" (not out of the box visited). I have to click on those 4 before the time line runs out for the next button can turn normal. Can one please help?


The goal is to prevent the learner from advancing till all layers are viewed but also that the audio is listened to on the base layer.

Bonus - to have the X button on each not fire until they also finish listening to the audio on each layer.

Please help.

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Daniel Canaveral

Hi there. I think what we have here is more of a timing issue than anything else. Let me ask you this, is it critical for the learner to have access to all four buttons from the get-go? If not, then having the buttons appear near the tail end of the opening audio will help you achieve your goal. Also, once audio is added to each layer, simply timing the entrance/start of the X button will ensure the learner hears all audio before closing the layer.