Next button to appear after all layers have been viewed?

Aug 06, 2014

Is there any way to have the NEXT button only appear after all layers have been viewed on a slide?

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Stacey LH

I haven't been able to to have the Next button only appear after all layers have been viewed, but I have used triggers and states so that the Next button will only go to the next slide only under certain conditions.

The way I got this to work was to put some shapes off the slide in the same number as layers, and when a layer is opened it changes the state of one of those shapes to visited. Then I add conditions to the next button trigger so that it will only work if all of those shapes are in the visited state.

i also like to have a character or text tell the person using the tool that the next button won't work until they have viewed all the info, otherwise they might get confused or think it isn't working properly.

I hope this helps, and I hope even more that someone has a better suggestion than I do, I'm sure there is a more sophisticated way of doing it.!

Akash Jambhorkar


As per you mentioned, if you areusing default Next button of storyline slide, you have to manage jump to next slide on specific condition, ex. use variable “isActivityComplete” true/falsevalues condition make it true on main timeline end trigger. So if isActivityComplete is true means slide is completed andjump to next slide trigger will jump. Here you should have to display anymessage like “Please complete activity/animation first and click Next.”

Also alternatively if youuse custom Next button on screen and by keeping that button in disable state bydefault, you can enable it once activity/animation complete.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jane,

The items Akash and Stacey mentioned are correct in regards to not being able to "hide" the next button on the player. But the method Akash mentioned in terms of disabling it is also described here.

If you were using your own custom next button that would appear on the slide itself, you could set it up to be in the hidden state until certain conditions are met, similar to using the "disabled" state - which would make it visible, but not clickable. You may also want to review information here on how the states behaved by default.

Hope that helps!

Roland Straub

Hi all,

If you're still on this, Ashley, thanks for the link "described here". I've been looking for that a long time and found it now with you.

The concept is logic and it's now easy to do, if I only have a slide with a base layer. But how do I proceed, if I have 5 or so layers? I tried it on one slide and it works on the base layer and on layer 7, but not on layer 1-6. What am I doing wrong?

Thx in advance and best regards

PS: I attache the slide I mean. I would like the NEXT button to reappear once the 5 hotspots (layer 2 - 6) have been visited.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Roland

Hotspots don't have states that why your trigger isn't working for the layers.

I added ovals offstage with a visited state and used them in the trigger.  I also added triggers to change the ovals to visited when user clicks the hotspots.  I removed the hotspot triggers from the base layer.

Here is updated file - hope that helps you.

Andrea L

All of these ideas are a great workaround.  However, it would be great if the folks at Articulate would allow the "Next and Previous" buttons to be under the developer's control (by clicking the properties button_.  Add something as simple as this to allow us to control button's appearance on the timeline:

  • Display Next button at _____ seconds.
  • Display Previous button at _____ seconds.

This way, we could better control the navigation experience of our users. Just a thought for the next revision!

Melissa Specht

Hello! I am trying to do the same thing as Roland above. I have 9 layers on my slide, with hotspots to trigger the layers. I also have rectangle shapes built in on top of each hotspot with triggers to show the visited state when each hotspot/rectangle is clicked. I have the Next button set to disabled when the timeline starts on the slide, and I built a trigger to change the state of the Next button to normal when the state of all 9 rectangles is Visited. It is technically working--when you click the last LAYER, the Next button appears ON THE LAYER. But when I close out of the layer and go back to the BASE layer, the Next button is again disabled. What am I doing wrong?? 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Melissa!

I'm happy to help! I appreciate you sharing your file.

Here are the changes I've made:

  • Set all layers to Pause timeline of base layer
  • Added a trigger to Change the state of the Next Button to Normal when the Timeline Starts if All of the rectangles are Visited

I'm attaching the updated file to this reply. Let me know if you have any questions!