Next button will not return to state normal from disabled state

Apr 05, 2017

I am at a loss as to why this is not working. I have a slide with 3 buttons. Each have three states: Normal, Hover and Visited. I want the NEXT button on this slide to be disabled until all three have been visited. I can get the button to disable, but not get it to enable again.

Here is what I've tried.

First, I set the NEXT button to disabled when the timeline starts.

Second, I set the NEXT button to return to Normal when all three buttons have a state of Visited.

This didn't work. The button is disabled, but never re-enables.


Next I tried a True/False Variable and followed it exactly from the articulate support articles. Again, the button was disabled, but would not enable after all three buttons were visited.


Finally, I thought that I should assign a value of Visited to each of the buttons, so using the first model above, I added a trigger for each button that when it is clicked, a state of Visited is assigned.

Still - the button is disabled! Aaah, can someone please help!


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Susi B

Hi Erin,

I build you a little example (see attachment) which may help you fixing this problem. As I could see in your picture you are jumping from one slide to 3 different slides. I think this may cause this problem.

I created 3 true/false variables for the buttons and let them change from false to true when the user clicks on them. When all 3 are right and teh user comes back from the last slide the next button appears.

Is this like you want it to work?



Edit: Oh and fyi the order of trigger is important too. If you have a "jump to" above a "change state" this can cause problems too. :)