Next Button with multiple triggers takes two clicks to work. Can I fix this?

Hi, just fixing up an old module I inherited and noticed that some of the Next buttons take two clicks to advance the slide. These are manually created Next buttons and the ones with issues have two or more triggers. For example:

Trigger 1. Change variable to True when user clicks Next btn

Trigger 2. Jump to next slide when user clicks Next btn

When I click it once it adds a blue halo around the button but doesn't change the variable or advance me to next slide and I have to click it again for it to work. The Jump to next slide is always the last ordered trigger. Any thoughts?

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Shayne Ashby

Thanks Wendy, I ending up sorting it out - not the issue mind you - I just ended up deleting the buttons and replacing them. It all works fine now. I think it was linked to States but it was odd that some buttons would work as normal, while others required the 2 clicks even though they were the same button with the same type of triggers.