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Becca Levan

Hello Ruby!

I see Dwayne already helped you out here, but I wanted to follow up and assure you that you aren't missing anything! 

We removed the option to publish for Flash when Microsoft ended support for Flash, so all of your courses will automatically publish in HTML5 format. You won’t need to change anything in Storyline 360 since this is handled automatically.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruby,

We cannot see the images you are attaching. This may be due to replying via email, so please be sure to click 'View' vs. 'Reply' to communicate directly in the forums and attach your files.

As Becca indicated, since Adobe discontinued Flash, we removed the Flash publishing options from Storyline 360. Courses no longer have specific launch files for HTML5 and Flash output. Simply give your learners the link for the story.html file, which launches the HTML5-only output in their default browsers on desktop computers and mobile devices.

Jürgen Schoenemeyer


And since the publish-to-CD option in Storyline and Studio relies on IE11, we're removing this publishing feature from our apps. Find all the details below.

if you need this feature, you could downgrade to Storyline 3.65

but hurry - the downgrade will only be possible for a few days, after that the 3.65 installer has to be requested via support case