Non-English special characters displaying as question marks in custom goodbye.html page.

Jun 27, 2016

I've published a course in 12 languages and customized the goodbye.html page for each language. In each of the languages that have special characters, these character appear as a ? mark, in my LMS. When I view the published goodbye.html it shows the special characters correctly. However, after testing in the LMS, they appear as question marks.

My LMS, Cornerstone on Demand, has tested this also and says this is an Articulate issue. I have corrected the significantly frustrating task of having to manually correct the title (Articulate, can you just fix this please?), but don't seem to be able to apply that same fix to the custom goodbye.html.

Any ideas?


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Lisa Anderson

HI Christine,

Yes, I've seen that article and have had to use that process for the titles of any courses I publish with non-English special characters. The issue is with the "Goodbye.html" file in SL 2. That file can be customized to reflect the content of a course and I have that file customized to say something like "Thank you for taking the course..."in French, German Japanese, etc. This file is not reflected in the lmsmanifiest.html file as the article you mentioned, does, for the title.

I need help with the goodbye.html file.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Christine,

I did not modify any publish files, which, interestingly, the article you referred me to, regarding the lmsmanifest, indicates you must do in order to correct the characters in the title.

This link shows how to customize the goodbye.html file prior to publishing. It's simply changing it to reflect what you want to say in the goodbye file. In my case,since there is no way to remove the special characters SL pubishes, I am forcing learners who do not speak English to read an English message. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Lisa -- My apologies if I misunderstood what you shared in your last response, and so sorry that issues persist! Perhaps our support engineers will be able to offer additional insights or suggestions to assist, so I'd like to put you in touch with those folks. Unfortunately, as there is more than 1 person with your name in our system, I can't create and submit a case on your behalf, but here is the form you would need to do so. 

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