Not allowing the user to pause or play a YouTube video

I have a learning package which inlcudes a video clip from YouTube.  I have embeded it into the package on a screen with the YouTube player controls disabled.

However the user still  has the ability to click on the video to pause it & then click again to play.  I want to be able to disable this feature as the screen is set to the length of the YouTube video. When the timeline ends the next screen is shown.

I was sure that I saw a article/tip that did this by adding a shape over the top of the embeded area, but I have not been able to find it in the forum.

Can anyone help, many thanks in advance.


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Mike Enders

Good catch Phil I should have asked  about the embed method.

Helen, are you grabbing the URL, or the embed code from YouTube?

I tested with the embed code and that method works with the hot spot.

1. In YouTube, select "Share" under the video and then select "embed".

2. Copy the embed code

3. In Storyline, choose "insert video"  "video from website" and drop in the embed code.

4. Add your hotspot over the embedded area.

This should least it is on my end.


Helen Tarbox

Hi Mike

Many thanks for your solution.  I'm not sure how it was inserted as the file was converted from a Studio project that already had the YouTube link in.

I have now inserted the video as you suggested and published it, but the video does not automatially play and the hotspot does not stop me pausing/playing the video.  Here is a screen shot from Storyline...

Mike Enders


It's working on this end:

Can you test?

As for your next question, you can certainly rig the next button to a trigger, the only catch is that a web object such as a YouTube video may take a while to load (depends upon user connection speed) and will throw the timing off as the timeline for the slide will start running immediately even if the web object is not yet loaded and playing.


Helen Tarbox

Hi Mike

Thanks for that.  If i give you the steps I have done can you let me know if they are correct...

Create a new slide

Insert a 'Video' from Web Site

Go to YouTube and copy the embed code

Paste code into text box

Click  Insert.

When I look at your file, you see a screen shot from the video and the timeline shows 'YouTube: Stop the pressure'.  I dont see a preview and my timeline just shows 'Online Video'

When published the video is not shown (all I see is the blue backgound).

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?