Not allowing the user to pause or play a YouTube video - Continued

Mar 07, 2013

Hi Mike

I did not realise when I entered the embed code that it would add it to the post, so this time without the code here are the steps I have taken to add this video...

Create a new slide

Insert a 'Video' from Web Site

Go to YouTube and copy the embed code (I guess the code works as you can see the video in my post HERE)

Paste the code into the text box

Click Insert

When I look at your version I see that you get a preview of the video, all I get is a grey box with the word Video.  In addition your timeline shows 'YouTube: Stop the pressure 1'  all I have is 'Online Video'.

When published all i get is the blue background and no video :(  Does this give you any idea what I am doing wrong???

Many thanks in advance.


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Helen Tarbox

Hi Mike

That is exactly what I was doing, so I guess it must be a problem with the corporate firewall.  I will have to try and connect outside of the network and hopefully it will then work.

Once again many thanks for your help and the screencast was invaluable - sorry about the other related pictures