Not displaying the menu on specific slides

May 04, 2019

I'd like to not show the menu on the first three slides of my project, but show the menu on the rest of the project. I was able to do that in the properties but now the first three slides have an extra white space on the left and the right. What do I need to do so that the extra white spaces doesn't appear on slides that don't have the menu? Please see attached.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Pauline,

That looks like space within the slide itself, and not the player, although it's difficult to confirm from the image alone. Are you able to provide the file for us to take a look at? 

With your permission, we can take a look to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to our Support Team privately.

We'll delete it when done troubleshooting. 

Pauline Sebestyen

So just to keep this post updated.... the support person told me this wasn't fixable. When using the Classic player, the size includes the menu even if you deselect it from the view in properties. I.e. any slides that are set to not display the menu will keep the sizing as if the menu is still displayed. It's surprising to me that this design flaw hasn't been complained about more. Who ever wants to see the menu on the title page of a course? Anyway, due to this flaw and another possible issue with the visited item style not resetting when using the restart trigger, my client will not change their current customized menu system for the built-in one. :(

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