Note Tab Behavior in Storyline Quizzes

May 02, 2013

Hi...I am trying to add custom information to the notes tab within a quiz.

When I enter my text on each individual quiz slide notes field and publish it, the notes tab only shows the quiz question, which is redundant and useless.

How can I adjust the notes tab in a quiz to show my own text?


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Matt Ensenberger

I am now running into the problem that Kimberly described above.  Each slide was using the question for its name.  I removed the question from the name of each quiz slide and replaced it with question X, with X being the corresponding number of the question.  Now when I preview my module, I get the name of the slide (Question X) a horizontal rule, but the content that has been entered into the notes section for each quiz slide still does not appear.  Any other suggestions, fixes?

Kimberly Wittrock

Thanks for sharing the SL sample file and I can definitely replicate the issue you are experiencing. Unfortunately, the solution I came up with might not be doable on your end. The Notes are not viewable when the question is created within a Question Bank. However, when you move the question out of the Bank, the slide notes appear. I copied your multiple choice slide and pasted it outside the bank and the Notes are visible. I've attached your test file to show the differences. I would suggest submitting a feature request with Articulate. 

Best of luck,


Matt Ensenberger

Thanks for getting back to me, and so quickly!  I also appreciate the information.  I understand what you are saying.  You are correct, I can't do quiz questions singularly for this deployment.  I will certainly put in a feature request as this was a feature that used to function just fine, and now, apparently, it has been removed.

I appreciate your help!  I hope that I can reciprocate some day soon!



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