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Jul 24, 2012


I am not sure whether somebody has answered this question in the forum.

I have the following problems when I tested my course in IPAD.

  1. Notes tab, if placed on the side bar (left) it is not getting displayed in IPAD. However, when placed on the top right near resources, it is getting displayed in IPAD. 
  2. Text inside notes tab have default size and alignment when viewed through IPAD. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Scroll bar inside notes tab is not vworking properly when tested in IPAD.
  4. Help cannot be inserted as a separate tab because user defined buttons are not getting displaye d in IPAD except Resources which is a default button present in the template.
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Ragunathakrishnan G

Hi Peter,

I'm publishing for HTML 5 because our users wil not have access to the mobile app. I went through the article and found that Notes tab is not supported in HTML 5 but there should be a fix to it right?: actually, if you read my question, for me, notes tab is viewable when placed on the top right.

Paul Shorr

I too found that the notes tab would appear as a drop down if placed in the topbar left or right as opposed to the menu (on the iPad in HTML5 output) but it was not reliable - a slide with a blank notes field may display the first filled in notes field incorrectly, and the scroll bar did not work reliably either.  I wound up creating an additional slide layer with a rectangle and the transcript text in a regular or scrolling text box and a button on the base layer that displayed the transcript layer when pressed.  Perhaps not the most elegant solution, but it worked on the iPad.

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