Number variable to trigger state change of a marker

Jul 15, 2015

I am trying to get objects to change states both with true/false and number variables.  The problem seems to be that when the variable is set up on another slide, it won't trigger the state on the original slide.  I have some success with changing states on layers on the same slide with a true/false variable.

The catch with the number variable is that I want it to count up on multiple slides and not trigger the state change until it has reached a threshold.  I'm starting small with 2 but if successful would like to do more like 8-12.  I've confirmed the variables are counting using a %variablename% box on the slides to view the results.  So I'm either missing a step or something is wrong with my triggers.  I'm a new user and really getting confused and frustrated!

The two variables that are working are MontanaHistory and MontanaGeology.  The rest do not.


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