Numeric and Data Field Default Content

Dec 14, 2022

Hi all!

Pretty new to Storyline 360 and would like a little advice.  I'm creating a 30-question quiz in Storyline that includes both numeric and text inputs.  When I create numeric inputs in either a built-in or freeform question, the field has "0" as the default value. The "0" doesn't disappear when the user clicks into the field, so if the cursor lands before the "0" the value 1 now looks like 10.  Is there a way to present the user with blank numeric and text data fields?


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Richard Slate

Any user created numeric variable has a default value of zero.  As far as I can tell there is no method of creating numeric variable with a null value, even in the Manage Project Variables dialog.  BUT, built-in variables for numeric data fields have a null value by default, thus the empty fields. It would be nice if they gave user created numeric values the same option.

If there is a method to create a numeric variable with a null value, I can't find it.  

Ron Price

It actually is a "null" value, by default. (even though it says the default is 0 in the manage project window)  For example, if you were to add a conditional trigger, evaluating the numeric value to be equal to 0, it does not work.  If you do not see the 0 in the data entry box it does not contain that value.

Richard Slate

Unfortunately, the 0 is in the numeric field almost every time on preview.  I say "almost" because on rare occasions it doesn't appear. But I can't figure out the procedural (if that's the right word) difference between when it appears and when it doesn't.

Fortunately, I've created a work around, but it adds a couple lines of code that shouldn't be required.

I create a numeric field (which includes a null variable).  Then, I create a variable and give it an inane (incorrect) value.  Finally, I make my variable equal to the numeric's variable after focus is lost. 

I do want to say thanks for your input.  I do appreciate your taking the time to help.