Numeric Entry Fields on a Mac

Hi All,

I've been creating some exercises in Storyline with multiple numeric entries. These numeric entry fields feed variables that are then written into conditions to make one of two buttons become selected in a Pick One interaction.

When viewed on a Mac, the user is unable to enter data in the numeric entry fields. But it works fine on a PC. 

Any experiences with this? 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lars,

Do you know what browser they're viewing it on a Mac? Please confirm they're using one of the options here.  Have you shared a copy of the published output within the intended environment as described here, instead of having them play it locally? Have they tried numbers on the keypad vs at the top of the keyboard? 

Lars Sorenson

Hi Ashley,

I published to Blackboard using the LMS setting and SCORM 1.2.

The professor was using Firefox on Mac. She has since been able to successfully enter numerals through Safari on Mac. I'm not sure about which keys she's used to enter numbers. I'll check.