Numeric Variable Values

Oct 16, 2013

So we're creating a timeline for a number of our modules and with the branching we added a numeric variable that has a plus one each time a slide is visited. The issue we are running into is when a slide is revisited it is adding another plus one and causing our timeline to be inaccurate. Any suggestions?

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Matthew Graham

When do you add the variable?  One way around this is to add a trigger at the beginning of the slide's timeline that adds one.  Then, set the slide to return at the same state so it doesn't add the variable again.  If you need to have the slide reset, you could create a true/false variable that is triggered first that says whether it is visited or not, and create a condition on the +1 trigger that says to do only add 1 if the true/false variable is still false.

Jacob Fordham

Thank you for all of the suggestions. One issue we are running into is that we have the variable being adjusted at the end of a scene which has a question on it so if we set the slide to return at the same state the question is already answered. Also with the -1 on the previous button the issue is that people can revisit from our menu slide by clicking on the different subjects. We might just change the slide we have the adjust on.

Nandini Khandekar

HI Jacob

If you are using a custom menu and not the storyline default menu, then for each text box on the menu that links to the respective slide add an additional selected and visited state if it isnt already there. Then add the following trigger for each text box:

1. +1 on click of the menu text box if it is in normal state

If it is in selected or visited state, you dont want to +1 or -1.

If you are using the storyline default menu, I am afraid you ll have to use a variable for each slide. Then add all the variable on the last slide.


Dipti A

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