NVDA Focus Order

Feb 25, 2021

I've adjusted the focus order for this slide and the NVDA screen reader skips the first text box and goes to the next button. If I hit the up arrow, it goes back and reads it, but it doesn't read it automatically. It does this for the "means of escape" text as well. The "you are up to date on your training" part is an example of how I want it to work.

I've published this slide to web to test it, as I recently learned through this discussion board that you can't test screen reader output in preview mode :)

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Abbigail Kitzmiller

Well, I figured it out! Instead of layers, I changed it so clicking on the icon changes the state of the text box. The alt text of the button is set to be the initial text in the text box and the alt text of the text box is the text that is revealed when the button is clicked. Hope this might help someone else.