Object not saving previous state

Jul 24, 2012

Hello Heroes, I have a question...

I have a sample test I've created to figure out a scoring summary for some Critical Thinking books the company I work for is setting up to use on SL.

The test questions don't matter as I just created a sample test to try out a scoring template.

The table of contents page is the 'home' page, and on it there are two elements to each test. An incomplete shape that turns on when the test is left unfinished and a finished layer for each test. The finished layer shows a truncated percent (set up in states on a rectangle shape) and a "You scored __ out of __ possible" "You missed __ out of __ possible" on different layers.

I have it set so the incomplete turns off when the test is done and the layer displays when its off.

I'm running into a problem where when I finish one test and move onto the next, the layer that shows the % you scored on a test disappears when the next completed test layer pops up. How do I get each layer to stay displayed throughout the completion of the test as the user completes each section?

I've attached my file so you can take a look at the problem. I've tried selecting the base layer options and setting 'When revisiting: resume saved state.' But that doesn't keep the layers visible.

Thanks for your help


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