Offer different questions for different roles from the same question bank

Oct 13, 2021

Before I investigate this properly I am asking here first in case this has already been done.

I have 2 roles A and B. Each role then has 6 different categories to chose just one. Both A and B roles will get the same Categories.

For example, role A can choose Category 1 to 6. Currently I created 6 Scenes, each scene has the question slides. This works as expected. I have added triggers and actions to monitor and show completion percentages for each scene etc.

Role B will have extra questions. For now I have programmed the Role A and B buttons so that if Role A is chosen they answer the questions in the scene and then they get a completion button to finish. If B is chosen then they answer the same scene questions but will then see an addition Quiz button instead to answer the extra questions using variables triggered. This works fine.

Ok so far so good....

I have now been asked if it is possible to have a Category scene containing say 8 questions. Role A answers 6 of then and if they answer them they see 100% scene completion. But Role B has to view all 8 questions and also then get a 100% scene completion. So basically Role B does not get the extra quiz option at the end.

I was thinking if it was possible to put the 8 questions into a Bank, and create a trigger based on if Role A or B was chosen then Role A would get 6 questions only, and Role B would get the 8 questions?

The questions will not be used as a course completion, but for reinforcement only, the course will be based on a completion trigger button at the end.

The complexity is the scene completion value. As the scene will contain 8 question slides, then it will require the 8 to be viewed to show 100% viewed, so if Role A only views 6 of the 8 it still must send 100% completion. I could complicate things and add more triggers to adjust the scene completion to 100% after the 6 etc but i feel I am going down rabbit holes.

Any suggestions?

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