Offering a course in Multiple Languages

Oct 26, 2023

Hi experts, I have a struggle with a course.  It is being offered in 4 languages, including English.  Is there a way to incorporate all 4 languages in one course file?  The current solution is to provide a .pdf of the translated audio, but that isn't close to ideal, not to mention not a great experience for the learner.  The option to offer 4 individual courses, one in each language, is not a consideration.

Some thoughts that were discussed: 

  • Closed Captions created in the alternative languages:  Is there a way to offer more than one closed caption set up, so the learner can choose the language and that's what will populate?
  • A scrolling text box on the slide - again the learner selects the language, that's the text box that populates and scrolls?

Has anyone experience this and how did you solve for it?  Any and all ideas are appreciated.

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Kelly Auner

Hi Brenda,

Thanks for reaching out!

I understand you have a course that is being offered in 4 languages. That's amazing! There are a few different methods that you may find useful. Please see this article for more details:

Additionally, a few of our community members discuss a similar topic here. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have additional questions!