On an iPad an Articulate 360 Published Classic Player Looks Like Modern Player

Feb 05, 2019


In Articulate 360, when I published a course using the classic player, it appeared in the modern player format on an iPad, while appearing in the classic player format on a Chrome web browser. When I reverted back to Storyline 2 and republished the course using the classic player, both the iPad and the Browser showed the classic player. This one has stumped me. Can I assume that 360 always uses the Modern player for iPads?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Rod.  When you're using the classic player, you'll still see a responsive player skin on mobile devices in Storyline 360.  This article gives some great visual comparisons of modern and classic player styles on different devices.

With the launch of Storyline 360, we released the responsive player for mobile devices.  Shortly after, the modern player was released to allow authors to have the clean look of the original responsive player when running the course on a desktop browser, not just mobile.  

Happy to answer any other questions!

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