On revisit, would like set to initial state BUT also allow skip of slide

Jun 07, 2018

After finishing the module, I would like my students to be able to revisit any slide and redo it if they feel like they need to clarify understanding or have additional practice. I need to have restricted navigation so they have to complete each slide. To be able to have them redo the slide, I have each slide set to reset to initial state on revisit. However, this prevents them from skipping around back and forth to where they want to go on the revisit. The last slide records their completion and they cannot redo that slide or else they can enter another students name who did not complete the module - it happens. So they will want to go back to the slide they want to revisit (or any others) then be able to skip directly to the last slide which records their completion.

On restricted navigation, is there a way to reset a slide to initial state on revisit so it will replay correctly BUT still have the player recognize that this slide was previously completed so that it can be skipped (if the student was reviewing a previous slide and now wants to get back to where they left off)?

I hope this is somewhat clear... Thanks all.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin!

Do you have the player menu enabled? If so, the learners can use the menu to go back to previous slides without being restricted. This will work even if the slides are set to "Reset to Initial State."

Once they've viewed a previous slide, they can use the menu to skip directly to the last visited slide which records their completion.

Robin Wooten

I like this idea BUT I don't like using a menu until the user completes the module because it will give away the course direction/answers.

Is there a way to have the menu appear only after they have reached a certain slide?

I played around with using a lightbox menu slide. Once the course reached a certain slide (end), I set the variable done =1. I then tried to put a button to show the light box (change button state to normal) on previous slides once done = 1. The idea being that once the user reached the done slide, they could access the lightbox menu to jump to any slide and the lightbox menu would be now be accessible from all the previous slides but wouldn't show before the module was "Done".

However this doesn't work. The lightbox menu button changes to normal on the slide when I change the variable done =1 but when I use the menu to jump to previous slides, the lightbox menu button remains hidden. Ideas?


Robin Wooten

Thanks, Alyssa. Figured it out - I previously added the trigger as change button from hidden to normal when done variable changes  if done variable  =>1, BUT I should have added it to change button to normal when timeline starts (with the same condition). The latter worked to add a button to show the lightbox slide as my skip around menu AFTER they have completed the module.

Now I just have to figure out slide masters. Can I put these triggers and buttons on a slide master so I don't have to add them to every slide?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin,

Great work troubleshooting that trigger! I'm happy to hear you got it figured out.

Based on what you've described about your file, it sounds like placing the "change state of button to Normal when the timeline starts on the condition that the Done variable => 1" on the Slide Master should work.

Give it a try, and let me know if you need any help along the way!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Robin!

I've got your file open now, and since I'm seeing quite a few buttons and variables, I want to make sure I'm focusing on the correct ones. 

  • Are you looking to change the state of this skip icon to Normal when the Done variable is equal to 1?
  • Do you want to adjust the Done variable to 1 when the user visits slide 6.4?

Let me know if I'm on the right track!

Robin Wooten

Yes - I will make the second to last slide in the final module be the slide which changes the variable done to 1 (adds 1). Then if they go back to previous slides all skip buttons on all slides will be normal (normal if done =1 or greater) and pressing a skip button (labelled TBA button - there and back again button) will bring up a lightbox slide with buttons i.e. a menu to take them back to any slide/section in the module. That way, once they are done (after they have completed everything), they can skip around to revisit exactly what they want. That was the only way I could figure out how to make a menu accessible after completion without having an actual menu visible beforehand and spoil the surprise of the interactions. I am open to other suggestions however.

I have that figured out but you mentioned it is possible to put that and other functional buttons on the master slide - that is what I am having problems with. I can do it but when I make new slides using the master - the buttons are part of the background picture and not functional. Am I missing something about slide masters?

Robin Wooten

Whoa! Why did I never think to preview the slide?!? That sure answers a lot of questions and will help an amazing amount! Is that info included in a tutorial somewhere? I must have missed it.

A VERY BIG THANK YOU, Alyssa, for not only answering my first question but helping me to see the implications and ways to streamline the work after that with the slide masters. And that peek video made all the difference! What a great way to really see how to do something - and a great way to show how your products really work!

Thanks again!!!! Robin


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